Party Dress

When my mom was here last month for a visit, we went to London and visited 14 fabric shops on Goldhawk Road. So I have tons of cute fabric just waiting to be made into dresses for Emerson. I just finished The Party Dress from The Cottage Mama (the pattern is free if you subscribe to her newsletter). It was fairly quick to sew up and I especially appreciate how she constructs the bodice. It was a lot simpler than a lot of other patterns I’ve tried.

One thing I do a little different is gathering the skirt. Instead of using two rows of long stitches to gather it, I like to do a wide and long zig zag stitch over yarn. I find that it’s easier to gather and the gathers stay in place a lot better. I just put the yarn under the foot and make sure it’s right in the middle. I go slowly and am careful to not stitch on the yarn.




Then I pin the skirt to the bodice, making sure the gathers are nice and even. I stitch them together using a long stitch above the yarn. Once it’s attached, I take the yarn out, pick out the zig zag stitch and then go over it again with the serger.

This dress only took a few hours to make and Emerson loves it. She wears dresses nearly every day, but complains when we have to drive somewhere and she’s wearing a dress with a bow. So all day yesterday I was tying and untying her bow as she got in and out of the car. But it was all worth it and she got lots of compliments on her dress.






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