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Fourth of July Outfits

Since I’ve stopped selling shirts in my store, I’ve had a lot more time lately to do fun projects and other things I’ve been putting off. I already had a bunch of dresses ready to go for Emerson and our trip to Boston this year was the perfect time to get them decorated. I used glitter sheets from Hobby Lobby on the anchor for this green dress. I don’t normally use these glitter sheets because they have a canvas backing and can be a pain to cut out, but I do love how it turned out. The anchor is from Munchkyms Designs.

Next I wanted to make something for the 4th of July and this is the first time I made matching outfits for the kids. Emerson will still wear anything I make her (especially if it’s a dress) and asks me for things all the time. But JP won’t wear my shirts to school anymore. He looks forward to wearing them on the weekend, but he doesn’t want the kids at school to see them because he doesn’t want them to call him cute. I love it. I was able to sneak this one in since we were with family on the 4th.

For JP’s shirt, I used CB Font from FunStitch for the USA part. It’s such a cute, thick applique font. The rest of the saying uses Marker Fine Point by Meringue Designs.

For Emerson’s dress, I used a bow ric rac flag from Happytown Applique. I wanted to add a bit more, so I decorated the bottom of the skirt with the hanging stars from Creative Appliques. I used the same design 4 times side by side to take up the front of the skirt.

I tried to find a cobalt blue fabric with stars on it, but had no luck so I used this light blue fabric that I already had. At first I was unsure about how it would look but now that they’re done I totally love it.