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In The Hoop Masks

I had a bit of free time yesterday and so I made some masks for the kids. Emerson is always asking me if what I’m working on is for her, so it was nice to say yes for a change. She sat by me and watched the entire process and asked every 15 seconds if I was done yet. She’s a big helper.

For her princess mask, I used Embroitiques’ Princess Mask set. I hooped a fabric-like water soluble stabilizer, then used one layer of embroidery foam and one layer of glitter sheets (the kind with vinyl backing). This one had a satin stitch outline and so I had to increase the pull compensation in Sew What Pro by 5 so that it would cover the foam. There were still some pieces of foam sticking out (as you can see in the picture), so I just used a marker and colored them as best as I could. With the combination of the foam and the glitter sheets, this one turned out really sturdy.

JP asked for a Power Rangers mask and I found the perfect one at Gracefully Geeky. I didn’t have red felt on me but he said green was okay. For this one I hooped heavy tearaway stabilizer and then used one layer of embroidery foam with the felt on top. Right before the final outline stitches, I put a layer of felt on the back of the hoop. Thanks to the embroidery foam, this one is also pretty sturdy.

By the way, both of these designs came with little holes on the sides to attach the elastic to, but I didn’t care to take the time to carefully punch those out. So instead, I just used my hot glue gun to attach the elastic to the backside of the mask.

Hello Again

In one productive afternoon, I managed to completely erase my blog and destroy my online store. I thought I was being so clever by trying to find a new shopping cart program but I didn’t like it, so I deleted it. Then I tried installing another one, but I didn’t like it either. So I deleted it, but this time I also accidentally deleted my blog and a lot of important data for my shop. After a couple frustrating hours, I decided to wipe everything clean and start over.

Hi. My name is Rebekah and sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

When I’m not destroying years of data, I like to make pretty things with my embroidery machine.

This is my embroidery machine.

And her little sister.

On this blog, I’ll write about things I’m working on and things that interest me. A little Photoshop, a little photography and a lot of embroidery.